On this page, you can access the Digital Stories created by some of our co-researchers, describing their experiences of water scarcity, fire and flood events.

Stories of water scarcity in Delft

Andries’s story
Bulelwa’s story
Eloise’s story
Logan’s story
Lona’s story
Luthfiya’s story
Saul’s story
Zintle’s story

Stories of fire in Overcome Heights

Amanda’s story
Andisiwe’s story
Aqeela’s story
Chevon’s story
Gracia’s story
Yamkela’s story
Zimasile’s story
Zolelwa’s story

Stories of flood in Sweet Home Farm

Amanda’s story
Asive’s story
Emihle’s story
John’s story
Ncebakazi’s story
Nobuntu’s story
Nolu’s story
Nomtha’s story
Siwa’s story